Full Scale School of Music opened in 2012 at the Azalea City Center for the Arts, located near Dauphin and I-65 in Mobile, Alabama. Local pianist and music teacher Daniel Driskell was considering opening a music school when he met Chris Paragone, owner of Sunnyside Theater. Chris was in the planning stages of launching a Center for the Arts in Mobile - a place where students could take drama classes, music lessons, art, dance, and tutoring all in one place. The school currently has seven music studios on the 2nd floor of the Azalea City Center for the Arts located at 63 Midtown Park East and offers lessons on a variety of instruments, summer/winter camps, concerts, and special events. 

From left to right: Mr. Tad, Mr. David, Mr. Josh, Mrs. Natalie, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Laura, and Mrs. Angela. (Mrs. Laryssa and Mr. Mark are not pictured)

From left to right: Mr. Tad, Mr. David, Mr. Josh, Mrs. Natalie, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Laura, and Mrs. Angela. (Mrs. Laryssa and Mr. Mark are not pictured)

Have you ever wished that you could play the piano? Always wanted to play in a band? Well now is the time! Our teachers at the Full Scale School of Music would love to work with you. Anyone can learn to play a few songs and enjoy themselves while making music. Music study has been proven to boost creativity, confidence, perseverance, non-verbal communication and focus. The faculty at Full Scale is ready and willing to work with students of different ages, levels, personalities, and styles of music. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a time for students to receive individual attention on their instrument. Our teachers will encourage and develop the student’s potential to read, understand, create, and express themselves through music. We want to give students useful information each week so that they can progress steadily in their individual practice and enjoy making music.  Tuition is $100 each month for 30 minute lessons once a week (There is an extra charge if you pay on the website).  Some students also choose to do 45 minute or 1 hour lessons.  We offer a family discount for parents with multiple children taking lessons.  Everyone is encouraged to play at our casual and formal recitals each semester.  There will be no fees for recitals.

To schedule about an individual lesson time with one of our teachers, call or text Daniel Driskell at (251) 454.6591 or visit the Contact page.

Group Classes

Our classes meet every week and may cover a variety of topics and musical styles depending on the students. 

1. Rock Band!  We always have a ton of fun putting students together into bands.  Students are grouped by age and by instruments.  Most bands have guitar, bass, vocals, drums, and keyboard.  Other instruments are welcome to join as well.  Tuition is $70 per month. Class meets each week for 1 hour.  Special "gigs" are arranged throughout the year to give students a goal to work towards. 

2.  Homeschool Classes - Click on the "Homeschool Program" tab for more information.

3.  Other group classes can be formed based on interest.  We have had ukulele, guitar, violin, and piano classes.   

4.  Summer music camps are a perfect place to kid your kids playing!  We have something for everyone.